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White Tea

Black tea, oolong tea, green tea and are familiar among tea lovers in Indonesia. However, there are still many who do not yet know what kind of tea such as White Tea. White Tea has the highest content of antioxidants among other tea types.

The name White Tea is taken from the youngest tea leaves that were still rolled up and then dried after being silvery white and shiny from the feathers which covered him. White Tea has a tapered shape resembles a needle then often called the silver needle. Many feathers are accompanied increasingly to the tip bud tea indicates the content of antioxidants in White Tea that is high. White Tea was first discovered in China during the reign of the Tang dynasty 618-907 AD. When it's White Teas are still secret recipe of the Empire, since it helps to maintain good health, longevity, and making youthful. At that time, White Teas can only be consumed by the members of the Court, relatives of the Kingdom and then class upper.

Based on a series of research done PPTK and some other research institutions as spoken by the mother of Dr. Rohayati Suprihatini as the head of the research team, along with a PPTK is supported by a number of scientific publications, following the myriad benefits of antioxidants contained in White Tea:

  1. Ward off free radicals
  2. Lower the kolestrol
  3. Protect the heart
  4. As anti virus and anti microBA
  5. Prevent the occurrence of cancer-causing cell mutation
  6. Lower the blood sugar levels and prevent the symptoms of diabetes mellitus
  7. Reducing aging and produced on the skin

The benefits of consuming so much White Tea for health and even become
the raw material drug and supplements for beauty especially for
anti-aging products. A cup of White Tea with high antioxidant levels
have antioxidant activity equivalent to 10 cups Apple juice, 31 times
the vitamin C and 100 times that of vitamin e. therefore, White Tea is
recommended to drink regularly, as many as 6 x a day with just 2 grams
to 200 ml of water at the dispenser temperature (90 ° c) for 9 minutes
in a single presentation and can be brewed 2-3 times

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