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CV. Kurnia Agro Lestari

Dry Green Tea Leaves
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IDR 250000.00

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We sell Dried Green Tea leaves per kg, our green tea leaves have undergone a process of withering and drying in accordance with factory standards so as to produce dry green tea leaves that are ready to brew or processed again with a mixture of other ingredients. for the quality of dry tea no doubt because we have decades of experience in producing dried tea leaves and also we already have many customers who always repeat orders, this proves that our products have good quality and can be accepted by the public.

for those of you who are looking for dried tea leaves to be packaged with your own brand we also provide teabag services and teacup tea services. tea maklon itself is a service for production so we as a factory or manufacturer are tasked with producing tea bags or tea brewed to become finished goods that are packaged but using your own brand, so you only have to market products that are ready of course with the brand you want without having to confused thinking about how the production process.

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